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Introversion and Trust

Dear Summer, Today I got to see many of my friends in real life instead of on a laptop screen. After being in quarantine for about 2 months, it's been hard not being able to see my friends instead of on a screen. Although, it has also shown me that I am definitely an introvert, ha! I learned that on calls like Zoom, FaceTime, friends! and Microsoft Teams I am more comfortable talking and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Sometimes when I am having a conversation in normal life, I get nervous and think that what I am about to say will not be accepted by others. Along with feeling introverted, I tend to also reflect the energy of the person who I am talking to because I am an ambivert (extravert and introvert). So if I am talking to someone who sparked the conversation and they are excited then I will talk and be excited too. When I was with my friends this week, I realized how drained I felt trying to stay in the conversation, but it also could’ve been from jumping on

Onstage Mishaps

Dear Summer, Since I haven’t embarrassed myself enough to you yet, I have decided to write about my awful onstage mishaps from the many musicals that I have been in because I have nothing better to do during the summer and this waiting period. I didn’t have many mishaps when I was an ensemble member in the beginning of my musical journey, but I had many mishaps when I was a named role. So, here are the backstage secrets that are all being spilled. My first story comes from when I was a freshman in Seussical The Musical as The Cat In The Hat. I absolutely loved this show, and I had a blast. However, I have many mishaps from the show. To start off, I was in the scene “How Lucky You Are'' with Mayzie and she was sitting on the nest. Something that is important about the nest is it wasn’t really like a regular bird’s nest, it was more of a big wooden ladder pyramid with wheels. This meant that Horton the elephant and Mayzie the bird had to be very careful not to let the egg fa

Meet Me!

Hey everybody! My name is Aubrey and I started this blog for fun over coronacation as letters to my dear friend Summer. I’ll start out this blog by introducing myself and answering some FAQs! Grade? I will be finishing my junior year in May 2020 and my senior year is going to start in August 2020. Favorite music? I like to listen to so many different genres, this is so hard! I like listening to Bethel music, Sleeping at Last, Taylor Swift (specifically Red), and Musicals. Right now over coronacation break, I am really loving listening to Lemonade Mouth. It brings back so many good memories! Favorite Podcasts? I love listening to podcasts on airplanes, long car rides, and going on walks. My favorites are: The Sleeping at Last Podcast, Frick Frack, Head in The Clouds, The Bear and the Swan, and The Church Stories Podcast. Favorite Fast Food? I really like this local fast food restaurant called the Olive Oil Grille. But, I also really like Chick-fil-a (the blessed chicken) a