Introversion and Trust

Dear Summer,
Today I got to see many of my friends in real life instead of on a laptop screen. After being in quarantine for about 2 months, it's been hard not being able to see my friends instead of on a screen. Although, it has also shown me that I am definitely an introvert, ha! I learned that on calls like Zoom, FaceTime,
 Friends Dear Summer,
and Microsoft Teams I am more comfortable talking and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Sometimes when I am having a conversation in normal life, I get nervous and think that what I am about to say will not be accepted by others. Along with feeling introverted, I tend to also reflect the energy of the person who I am talking to because I am an ambivert (extravert and introvert). So if I am talking to someone who sparked the conversation and they are excited then I will talk and be excited too. When I was with my friends this week, I realized how drained I felt trying to stay in the conversation, but it also could’ve been from jumping on my friend’s trampoline for a while, haha. What are you learning about your-self? 
I also returned to school to clean out my locker because we finished school, which was pretty sad. I had to wear a mask the entire time and I’m glad we didn't have to go back to real school with a mask--my face was so hot with it on!
#8 Dear Summer,
I guess I am learning to trust God in this season of uncertainty and His plan He has for us. I really like this Bible verse in this season of waiting: 
“In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?”
-Psalm 56:3-4
This verse assures me that if I get sick or something bad happens in my life, I can always remember that this life won't last. This life is short compared to what we will have in eternity with God. That doesn't mean that we should stop being conscious and cautious at all, but it can give us peace, comfort, and security during this time of uncertainty. I praise God for His everlasting love to save us when we are helpless and cannot save ourselves. 
aubs <3


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