Meet Me!

Hey everybody! My name is Aubrey and I started this blog for fun over coronacation as letters to my dear friend Summer. I’ll start out this blog by introducing myself and answering some FAQs!

Grade? I will be finishing my junior year in May 2020 and my senior year is going to start in August 2020.

Favorite music? I like to listen to so many different genres, this is so hard! I like listening to Bethel music, Sleeping at Last, Taylor Swift (specifically Red), and Musicals. Right now over coronacation break, I am really loving listening to Lemonade Mouth. It brings back so many good memories!

Favorite Podcasts? I love listening to podcasts on airplanes, long car rides, and going on walks. My favorites are: The Sleeping at Last Podcast, Frick Frack, Head in The Clouds, The Bear and the Swan, and The Church Stories Podcast.

Favorite Fast Food? I really like this local fast food restaurant called the Olive Oil Grille. But, I also really like Chick-fil-a (the blessed chicken) and Panera Bread. 

Hobbies? In my free time I love going to dance classes at my studio I go to. I also love volunteering in the Preschool at my local church and singing worship on Sundays in the Youth Group. I enjoy being a Worship Leader on my school’s worship team and I love participating in Musicals at my school. When I actually have nothing to do, I like to play ukulele and I am learning how to play the piano and guitar.

Enneagram number? I am a 4 and a 3. I took the test, but I find both of these numbers so relatable that I have decided to stop trying to figure out which one is my wing. So, I made the executive decision that I am both!

Myers Briggs identification? INFJ-T, Advocate. (Marie Kondo, Martin Luther King, and me living it up as INFJs!)

Favorite Dance style? I love so many of them it’s so hard to choose! But if I had to, I would pick Contemporary, Ballet/pointe, and Tap. They all challenge me to try my hardest and convey my story through song and dance to the audience, and I love that about them!

Favorite Clothing Stores? I love shopping ethically, sustainably, and locally so I like to primarily shop at local thrift stores. I find it fun to have something that is one of a kind and I love knowing that I got to revive a piece of clothing that may not have been worn a second time. 

Favorite TV shows? Definitely Survivor on CBS and I really like NBC’s New Amsterdam.

Places I’ve traveled too? Spain, Italy, the Dominican Republic, and a lot of states in the U.S.

What Musicals have I been in and roles I have played? Mary Poppins, The Music Man, Anne of Green Gables, Seussical the Musical as The Cat in the Hat, White Christmas as Martha Watson, and Beauty and the Beast as Belle.

I hope that we can become friends and that you can relate to all of the craziness and antics I get myself into along with my amazing friends. Follow me on social media to keep up with my crazy high school life and updates and notifications on my blog! 

Dear Summer, Love Aubs
insta: @dear_summer_love_aubs
vsco: @aubspep 
pinterest: Dear Summer,

-aubs <3


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