The Time I Got Lost In Italy

Dear Summer,
I still haven’t found any pizza places near me that make pizza as tasty as the time I was in Italy. Wow, their pizza was heavenly, and not at all like American pizza! This leads me to tell you the story of when I got lost in Italy. Now, I wasn’t by myself so don't stress, but it was very stressful at the time. Traveling back from the Pantheon, our tour guide took us to the Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps (which are beautiful by the way) were truly where our journey started. Our tour guide told us that we had some free time and she told us about this famous gelato place and that it was so good. So four other friends and I thought that if we were in Italy, “Why not visit a famous gelato place!” The gelato place that we went to was called Giolitti, and it was amazing! However, before I review the gelato, I should tell you how we got there. To get to Giolitti, we had to travel back to the Pantheon. The trouble was, all of the streets looked similar to each other, we couldn't ask for help since we didn't speak Italian, and our tour guide wasn't with us to show us the way. I carried a humongous paper map as we tried to follow it to jog our memory of how we got there before. Now, picture the most touristy person you can with a fanny pack and everything, that was me--haha! We found ourselves quickly lost as we took a wrong turn and had no idea where we were. Luckily, a nice lady heard us talking about where to go next, and she asked us in English if we were lost. She directed us in the right direction and we found the Pantheon! 
The next thing we needed to find was Giolitti. Another problem we ran into  was that there were so many gelato places near the Pantheon, it was so hard to find the right one! We were so close and yet so far from the place, haha! We eventually decided to ditch the paper map and use one of my friend’s phones as a gps, which we probably should’ve done in the first place. In a way, it felt like we were one of those lost teams on the show Amazing Race and couldn't find the destination when it was right in front of us. Anyways, we got our gelato and it was so worth it! Rating: 10/10! I remember getting coconut gelato in a waffle cone, and it was delicious! They offer so many interesting and sweet flavors. I knew that it was going to be good when about 20-30 of the locals were there also ordering gelato. If you ever go to Rome, go check out Giolitti and tell me what you think! 
aubs <3


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