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Onstage Mishaps Part 2

Dear Summer,  Since you loved my first Onstage Mishaps , I decided to write about more Mishaps that affected my whole cast, and not only me. So grab your tea, coffee, or whatever you care to drink and sit back to enjoy the show. The first story comes from Seussical The Musical , again--haha! Like I said in the first one, everything went wrong during this production. I can't remember many little details about this mishap because I was on stage for most of the musical, but I do know that it was a backstage blow. During the show I had to go backstage to get my prop that I needed for the next scene, and while I was there I heard a really loud beeping sound. I was a freshman during this show, so I felt kind of scared and tremendously worried. The loud beeping led me to believe that it was the fire alarm. So, I ran to go and find my director. When I found her, she already knew what was going on and we were all going crazy trying to figure out what this noise was. Apparently, someone

Seniors and Freshman

Dear Summer,  Isn't it shocking that we are going to be seniors!? It just seemed like the other day I was a scared little freshman-haha! I recently have been going on a bunch of virtual tours to different colleges. It almost doesn’t seem real! Going on the college visits now is somewhat weird because these visits are only for me, and not for my older brothers who I used to tag along with. Since we are going to brave the unknown and be the rulers of our schools, I decided to ask my great friend Lauren some questions about her high school and college experiences. What was your graduating year of high school and what year are you in college? “I graduated from WSCA in 2019, and I am about to start my sophomore year at Cedarville University.”  How did you decide on your major and college to attend? “I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I adored my elementary teachers and wanted to have that kind of effect on someone. I chose Cedarville mostly because my parents a

Comfort Zones and Conversations

Dear Summer, Happy 10th letter, yay!!! Previously, I wrote about how this year I am trying new things that are out of my comfort zone, like in “Why I Cut My Hair” . I go out of my comfort zone because I want to meet more people and experience different friendships. I realize that through going out of my comfort zone I won't become friends with everyone, and I will never leave my closest friends since they will always be there. However, I have met so many people lately who were right before my eyes which I can now call my true friends. It’s always been hard for me to make new friends that don’t have similar hobbies as me, but I have learned that it's actually not as hard as I may think it is. So, as Elsa says it, “into the unknown” we go! Through learning to be more outgoing ( click here to read more about “Introversion and Trust” ), I have also learned that displaying confidence should be the goal. If you act confident in a conversation, you are naturally self-assured, calm,

Beach Trip and Restaurant Reviews

Dear Summer, My grandparents own a little beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey and every year during the week of the 4th of July we go on vacation with my family. It's one of the best weeks of the year because I love the beach and the boardwalk! Since we go every year, I have been to many restaurants and places on the Boardwalk. So, I have compiled a list of different places that I have tried at Ocean City New Jersey and their ratings.  Bungalow Bowls This place is just so cute and right on the Boardwalk across from the music pier, there is also another location on Asbury Avenue too. I got the Santeria bowl when I first tried it out and it was absolutely amazing. The bowl was so flavorful, the wait was short, and the customer service was awesome. Since it was so good, I just had to go back and try something else. The second round I got the Here Comes The Sun bowl and the experience was just as great as the first. My mom, aunt, and my cousins love this place so I would definitel