Onstage Mishaps Part 2

Dear Summer, 

Since you loved my first Onstage Mishaps, I decided to write about more Mishaps that affected my whole cast, and not only me. So grab your tea, coffee, or whatever you care to drink and sit back to enjoy the show.

The first story comes from Seussical The Musical, again--haha! Like I said in the first one, everything went wrong during this production. I can't remember many little details about this mishap because I was on stage for most of the musical, but I do know that it was a backstage blow. During the show I had to go backstage to get my prop that I needed for the next scene, and while I was there I heard a really loud beeping sound. I was a freshman during this show, so I felt kind of scared and tremendously worried. The loud beeping led me to believe that it was the fire alarm. So, I ran to go and find my director. When I found her, she already knew what was going on and we were all going crazy trying to figure out what this noise was. Apparently, someone had accidentally pressed a button on the huge garage door that is used to take big set pieces off the stage, resulting in the loud beeping. For most of the show the beeping didn't stop, and luckily you couldn't hear it from the house or onstage, although there was something else that you could hear onstage. During the same night, a bat consistently made a shrieking noise during the entire show in the ceiling of the stage left wing. I don't think anyone could hear it in the house, but the cast could definitely hear the bothersome noise onstage. I never knew what happened to that bat, but it was not there the next day-haha! 

Another mishap story comes from a different show, The Music Man. This show didn’t have any super big onstage mishaps that I can remember, but we did have a rehearsal mishap. We were all at our Saturday dance rehearsal in the morning, and suddenly the fire alarm started to go off. I thought that it was a fire drill and stayed calm the whole time, and so did most of my friends. As we quickly left the building, four fire trucks arrived along with a bunch of police cars. When we were all safely outside, my friends and I decided to wave at the fire trucks and police cars, all the while wondering why they would come if it was just a drill. Mind you, we were at a dance rehearsal, in athletic clothes, during the cold winter of PA. Some of my friends didn't even have shoes on, it was super cold! The adults looked concerned and they definitely didn't know that “the fire drill” was going to happen. In the end, luckily, there was no fire. An old vacuum cleaner bag blew up while a janitor was vacuuming and the smoke and dust flew right up to the smoke detectors. We were all safe, and my friends and I still laugh about it today. I was also an eighth grader during this time, so my middle school friends and I must've looked ridiculous waving at the fire trucks and police-haha!

The last story is from (try and guess it!) Seussical the Musical, AGAIN! Luckily, this show was the last that my school performed at that theatre, because I'm pretty sure that the theatre did not like us! Phantom was definitely lurking in the rafters, waiting to strike next. We had just finished act 1 and we were getting into our places for act 2, when we realized that the nest that we had for Horton to sit on had a damaged wheel. My amazing director quickly appeared again to assess the situation and we tried to fix it as much as we could. The one issue was, we needed to wheel it on the stage for different scenes and scene changes. So we assigned a couple of our monkeys (the 3 Wicksham brothers who think that Horton is crazy with his dust speck) to watch the nest and make sure that everyone was safe. We all made it through the entire show without getting hurt, and thankfully, everyone was safe.

I hope that you had a laugh at some of the stories--I know that I did while looking back at these memories. I will now leave you with this one piece of advice: do not wave at police and fire trucks when there could be an actual fire- hehe! 


aubs <3

Dear Summer, StorytimeDear Summer, Storytime


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