Healthy Habits and Self Care

 Dear Summer,

Since we are getting back into the groove of things with school and other activities starting back up, I thought that I would emphasize how much self care and healthy habits are important! Life will always get stressful, which is why it is so important to take care of yourself to stay healthy mentally and physically. So here are my healthy habits and self care things that I practice.

  1. Take baths or a nice long shower.

Nothing feels as good as a long bath or shower after a hard workout or dance class. During quarantine I experimented trying to take baths and I fell in love! I absolutely love using bath bombs and bath bubbles! It's so fun and really good for your muscles. Sometimes, I'll even take ice baths and plop a few ice cubes in the bath to sooth my muscles after a long dance class. I can't recommend this stress reliever enough, so good!

  1. Face Masks!

No, I'm not talking about the plastic or cloth masks that we wear now. Although, you should definitely wear those! I’m talking about those clay or peel face masks that make your face feel aMaZinG afterwards. I love doing these face masks while quietly reading, journaling, or catching up on my favorite youtube channels. I think that everyone can agree, face masks are glorious. 

  1. Open Your Curtains or Blinds!

I wrote about this in my most recent letter about my Back to School Challenge. It was insane how well it helped! I would open up my curtains before I went to bed and then in the morning I could wake up along with the sun. If you don’t want them open at bedtime you can open them right when you wake up that way the natural light can help you get going. This also makes you have a reason to get out of bed to open up the curtains or blinds. This little trick always helps me to wake up and has changed my morning routine drastically. 

  1. Set a “go to bed alarm!”

I also wrote about this hack in my last letter. I would set a “go to bed alarm” at 9:00pm and 9:30pm that way that I would be asleep at 10:00pm. Sleep impacts your mood which can then impact your whole day. Sleep is extremely important. If you don't have enough sleep then your focus level goes down, headaches go up, and the risk of falling asleep during a boring history class is high. The two alarms help me to wind down and calm down. Normally when my alarms go off, I get ready for bed and then I will stretch or read. I do these activities because anything with blue light is bad for you before you go to bed since it can keep you awake.

  1. Make your bed when you wake up!

Making your bed is also like number three. It helps you to get up and it also creates a routine. Not only will your room look all neat and tidy but you are ready to start the day. This also doesn't allow you to be tempted to go back to sleep and hit the snooze.

I hope that these hacks can help you prevent stress during the school year and establish some healthy habits! Happy senior year!


aubs <3

Dear Summer, august


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