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Testimony 1: Ryan

  Dear Summer,  Our first testimony is delivered by an awesome friend of mine, Ryan. Throughout his testimony, it is amazing to see how God has worked through his life and is still working. Ryan doesn’t sugar coat anything and tells it straight up. He will be addressing some deep topics, so if you are under 13 I would advise an adult or older sibling to listen/watch with you. So, without any further ado, take it away Ryan!

Drivers Tests and Updates

  Dear Summer, Sorry I skipped last week! I didn't have enough time to write because I had to practice for my driver’s test and a lot of homework to do. The good news is that I passed my first driver’s test and it’s the start of a new week with new beginnings. School is a little crazy right now which is why I am starting a new series and new tab! This new tab is called testimonies, about the amazing people in our lives who have selflessly dedicated their lives to serving Christ. We’ve got some awesome people coming up, but since they all have jobs and school the new letters will come out as a surprise. So be on the lookout! I can't wait to hear their stories!  Love, aubs <3