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Testimony 2: Hope

Dear Summer,     Our next testimony is written by my former dance teacher, Hope Noble. Hope is an amazing momma and dance teacher! She also makes the best facial moisturizer, I absolutely love it and use it everyday! You can click here to buy it or sample it! Her testimony is so inspiring to see how God has used her life in the past and still is now. Like Ryan's testimony, she also addresses some deep topics that might be hard to hear, so please use your own judgement to decide whether or not to keep reading on. Here is Hope! THE BINGE  The release of this blog comes with great sensitivity to those who have also struggled with food; the very thing that is purposed to give nourishment to the vessels we live in. My first words are: you are not alone. I recognize that everyone has their own unique story when it comes to this subject matter & you are not lesser than or greater than depending on where you are on your journey. We are all {daily} ever-becoming and your story is your