Running Challenges and New Starts

 Dear Summer,

Remember a couple Instagram posts ago that I said I wasn’t a runner… well here we are. With having more free time this year, I’ve decided to make a running challenge for myself. In this running challenge I have to at least run 1 mile a week and for every 5k I run in the process I have to give $3 to whatever charity I choose. For example, If I run 1 mile one week and the next week I run two miles then I would owe $3 that week. Why only $3? Well to be honest, I don’t really have a job and I’m trying to save for things in the future! I think I might raise my amount later in the process of the challenge, but for now I am staying at $3 ;). How long will I be doing this for? All of 2021, starting in the first week of January! We are called to give by God, and by giving we not only help others but we help ourselves by staying humble and seeing how we can help others first with ourselves second. Some organizations that I will be giving to are: 

Forgotten Voices International

Center for Champions Harrisburg

Radiant Hope

Wildheart Ministries

Encountered Heart Ministries

World Vision

Local Mission trip groups 

And Many More!

You know what’s coming… I CHALLENGE YOU! Take this challenge with me, you could do $1 for every 5k you run or $50 for every 5k, whatever you feel led to give. All I ask for you is to give up the mere cost of a coffee at Starbucks every few weeks to go toward something that is bigger than you. Let’s all be real, 2020 sucked. So let’s attempt to make 2021 better by starting off with thinking of others before ourselves. I don't want to leave some leftover money just sitting around waiting to be spent on a new expensive prom dress or some nice shoes, when I could give that money to someone who actually needs it. 

If you commit to this challenge I want YOU to challenge others to do the same. Post or do a story about it on Instagram and tag me @dear_summer_love_aubs and I’ll share your post! We can keep each other accountable while cheering each other on! We can celebrate our victory runs together and post about the organizations that we will be giving to that month. What do you say? Will you accept this challenge of being the hands and feet of Christ through loving by giving?


aubs <3

Dear Summer, Challenge


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