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Injuries and Dance

  Dear Summer, There comes a time in every dancer's life where they get hurt. My time has come! Expect not from dance, from hiking. I ended up straining a muscle in foot so it hurts when I walk, run, or do any dancing. I am in a gray boot for now to help my foot heal faster and for it to hurt less when walking. I am so happy and grateful that nothing is broken, although it really sucks. I feel so restricted from any movement. Yesterday was my first dance class sitting out and it is very frustrating that I can't be in class participating and working on my recital dance. It also really stinks that it is right before my audition dates for college in February and March. Being hurt is a nice break from life because I feel less stressed right now, but I know I will feel the stress later when I’m trying to remember my two pieces for my audition. I’m sure that it will all come together in the end and that God has a great plan for all of this, it's just another thing to remember t