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Senioritis and College

Dear Summer, Senioritis noun Informal : Facetious . a decline in motivation or academic performance that supposedly afflicts some seniors in high school, especially in their last term.   The fact that I procrastinated this letter for as long as I did, says a lot about my motivation at the moment. Graduation is June 5th and all at once I want to come sooner, but also kinda don't. The fact that I am so close is so exciting, but it feels so far away. I would also like to say that some senior year things like big capstone papers and projects aren't really as big as I thought that they were going to be. They are just super easy to procrastinate for-haha! I am so ready to be done with high school but then I think to myself, ‘I am never going to be in my school again,’ which can be a bit of a scary feeling. I have gone to the same small private school my whole life so it is going to be crazy strage to adapt to a different community. Speaking about a different community, I have f