Senioritis and College

Dear Summer,



Informal: Facetious. a decline in motivation or academic performance that supposedly afflicts some seniors in high school, especially in their last term.


The fact that I procrastinated this letter for as long as I did, says a lot about my motivation at the moment. Graduation is June 5th and all at once I want to come sooner, but also kinda don't. The fact that I am so close is so exciting, but it feels so far away. I would also like to say that some senior year things like big capstone papers and projects aren't really as big as I thought that they were going to be. They are just super easy to procrastinate for-haha! I am so ready to be done with high school but then I think to myself, ‘I am never going to be in my school again,’ which can be a bit of a scary feeling. I have gone to the same small private school my whole life so it is going to be crazy strage to adapt to a different community.

Speaking about a different community, I have finally picked my college. This decision was not my choice to procrastinate for. In fact, I had it all planned out to visit all of the schools that I wanted to go to in the spring of my junior year. At that time, I really had no idea what I wanted to do as a major and was interested in so many different programs. I still ended up doing virtual visits to those colleges which I enjoyed but, it wasn't the full experience. Last July, I did a summer camp for kids in a neighborhood who needed something to do since all of the other regular camps were canceled. I absolutely loved it! Since I was in 6th grade, I've been a teacher’s helper and student leader for my studio, so I have observed and learned over the years how to teach different ages with different styles of dance. Which was great to apply in this situation! That camp led me to meet with my studio’s director and owner to ask her questions about her business and teaching dance, especially in a Christian atmosphere. This conversation got me so excited and passionate about teaching kids dance in a Christain atmosphere. 

Luckily, I made it a point for all of the schools that I was looking at in the springtime of 2020 to have dance programs that I could still be involved in on campus. Because after meeting with my studio director and owner, I realized that I wanted to really have dance be a big part of my life in the future. From then on I decided to be a dance major and a business major. It’s going to be hard but I know that it will be worth it whether I will own a studio, be a dance teacher, perform in a dance ministry, or even start a dance ministry. 


So all of that being said (drum roll please), I will be attending Belhaven University in the Fall of 2021!!!!


Belhaven in Jackson, Mississippi is really far away from little Mechcaniscsburg, PA but I am very excited for the opportunities that are offered there as well as the programs that they hold. As said before, I will be majoring in dance and business so I will have a very busy schedule but I am thrilled to be new learning things that I am really interested in. Here’s to the future!


aubs <3


  1. I'm gonna miss you man :)
    praying that God keeps knitting your heart to his
    excited to hear how he uses you at belhaven
    your pics are beautiful too
    Big hugs


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