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2021 Summer Bucket List

  Dear Summer,           I graduate this Saturday and I am not sure how I feel about it. Although, graduation means summertime and summertime means fun! Every year I make a list of things that I want to do that summer, sometimes they are short lists and sometimes they are long. So here is my summer 2021 bucket list with mood pictures (courtesy of pinterest)!: Go to watch a drive in movie with friends. Go to the beach. Grow a garden. Get lunch with someone to grow a friendship. Read all 6 books on my “to read” list. Go hiking with friends and get ice cream after. Learn more guitar. Fully run and train for a 5k. Have a sleepover and watch a movie that I have never seen before.           So far I have accomplished 1 1/2 of my bucket list ideas. I just planted my garden the other day and I am very excited for the other half, watching all of the seeds and plants grow! I can also check off number nine as I just had a sleepover with some friends which was so fun! We watched the movie How To