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Home Away From Home: Laurel Mississippi

Dear Summer, Recently, my family and I have enjoyed watching the HGTV shows Hometown and Hometown Takeover where Ben and Erin Napier flip old houses and businesses to become revived and timeless living spaces.  On the drive to the audition for Belhaven University’s Dance program, a billboard displayed Ben and Erin from the Hometown and Hometown Takeover shows saying that drivers should stop at Laurel, their own hometown they helped to bring more life too. My parents and I decided then that if I was to attend Belhaven, we would have to stop by! Sure enough, I chose Belhaven and it’s amazing dance program! We concluded that this summer would be a great time to visit Laurel on the way to Belhaven. We planned out our trip to Laurel based on the special places that we wanted to go to, and we were not disappointed.  Our first stop was at Pearl’s Diner for lunch. My dad remembered watching Ben on an episode of Hometown talking about how good Miss Pearl's food was, recommending that